Dr Sahadev Swain


Chairperson, Trust Board

Dr Swain is a long standing General Practitioner trainer in a teaching and training practice in Luton. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). As the international chair of the Academy of family physicians of India (AFPI)he has a keen interest to encourage the development of postgraduate education in Family Medicine in India. He is currently editing a book “Why Family medicine in India?”He takes a keen interest in community development. He is a trustee in a charity called “Against All Odds still standing” that works for empowering women in Africa. He has been associated with many charity organisations in India.He has served in the Odisha Society of the United Kingdom as an executive board member. He serves as a volunteer locally in the village he lives with his wife in the UK (Wheathampstead Community Group)