Mrs Archana Mansingh


Archana is a keen and ever-dedicated Senior Software professional who has lived in the UK since 2009. Along with her professional life, worth 15 years of experience in software development, her passions include helping people and doing social activities for noble causes. In addition to this, she has a great interest in Indian organic gardening, mythology, Ayurveda, writing, teaching and above all, spiritualism. Her main philosophy in life is to not forget your roots. She is a bright-spirited and compassionate person from Rourkela, Orissa, daughter of Srmt Laxmi Pradhan and Sri Trinath Pradhan. A spiritual and homely childhood and a devotional youth, which can be accredited to Srmt Laxmi Pradhan, is what has shaped Archana into the elegant woman she is today. She is involved in spreading and following Lord Jaganath culture, which is evident in her benevolent and charismatic personality. Her wonderful way with words never ceases to impress and charm those around her. She is well known for her pure dedication to anything she commits to, like her responsibility towards her husband and daughter, with whom she lives with in Essex.